Winter Kiting Pro-Tips

Winter Kiting Pro-Tips

Winter Kiting Pro-Tips

Winter kite flying is one of the best ways to break cabin fever and experience some low-cost winter recreation.  If you bundle up and have the right mindset, winter kite flying can be a beautiful and exhilarating experience, not to mention the attention you will receive from intrigued onlookers.  This article will help make your winter kite flying experience exceed all your expectations.

Taking Winter by Storm!

Few sights can rival a vibrant colored kite juxtaposed on the the glittering white snow.  Nothing drives away the winter blues like maneuvering your bright neon sport kite in endless loops and zigzags across the sky.  Perhaps you have even entertained the idea of flying a power kite that will have you hookiebobbing across the snow.  You don't need to wait for summer to enjoy the sport of kite flying.  Now is the time to take this winter by storm!


Choosing the Right Kite

While just about any kite will fly fine during the winter, we recommend choosing the most colorful kite in your collection.  Consider our multi-colored Star Box Kite , our Rainbow Jet kite, or our large Monarch Butterfly kite.  The vibrant color scheme on these kites will give excellent contrast to the winter season.  You should consider adding accessories such as extended tails or line laundry to make the sight even more impressive.  As the winter months have less daylight, you may even consider adding LCD lights to your kite. 

Try a Sport Kite

While one-line kites are fun and pretty, you may lose interest quickly.  If you haven't tried a two-line sport kite yet, they are perfect for winter flying.  For beginners, we recommend the EZ Sport 70, or the HQ Symphony Beach sport foil kite.  For more advanced flyers we recommend the HQ Salsa Blaze or the Jive 3 Eruption.  We recommend entry level sport kites for children 10+, and with good support from adults, we have had children as young as 8 learn to maneuver a sport kite quite well. 

Power Kites

You may have seen videos of skiers or snowboarders being pulled by powerful traction kites.  This type of kiting requires professional training and special equipment.  Nevertheless, you can prepare yourself for traction kiting by gaining experience with a power kite or trainer kite.  These foil kites  are powerful enough make you put your full weight into the pull, leaning back with your arms extended, and depending on the size of the kite, can even pull you across the sand or snow.  Power kites can come in two, three, or four-line versions.  The additional lines enhance maneuverability and add safety.  Some come with a power bar that is used to improve your hold and prepare you for more advanced traction kites.   We recommend entry-level power kites for young adults 14+.

If you have questions about winter kiting, or if you need advice on the best kite to purchase for this wonderful season, please do not hesitate to give us a call at (509) 697-7559.



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